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KETO harvester heads are developed by a team of professionals with the latest technology at its disposal. KETO harvester heads are available in eight size classes:  KETO-51, KETO-100, KETO-150, KETO-500, KETO-600 and KETO-800, as well as the Eco Supreme series and KETO Forst Eco, which are the latest results of Kone-Ketonen’s product development.

Suitable KETO harvester heads are available for different carrier vehicles, for instance agricultural and forest tractors and excavators.

KETO harvester heads are light and efficient and they are suited for both thinning and the more demanding clearcutting. Their strengths include ingenious hydraulics and a unique feed roller drive that does not damage tree stems. KETO harvester heads, including their feed roller drive, frame structure and hydraulic system, are protected by dozens of international patents.  Apart from the Nordic countries, KETO harvester heads have gained a strong foothold in Australia, Canada, Germany, UK, Japan, New Zealand, USA and Spain.

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